UKOUG TECH 16 is coming – and I’m speaking

Uhhh … time flies. I look into my calendar – and UKOUG TECH 16 Conference is almost there. Just a few days to go (and hopefully no Lufthansa strike on the upcoming weekend – but I looked already for alternatives). Anyhow, I’m excited and look forward to my 2nd TECH conference. Last year was the first time for me and I enjoyed it a lot. Very good audience, good location – even though I can’t say much about the city of Birmingham as I haven’t seen anything except for the venue, my hotel and an Indian restaurant. Well, business travel is not meant for sightseeing usually. But the weather this year is supposed to be fine – chilly but sunny šŸ˜‰

Just in case you’ll be there as well these are my three talks at UKOUG TECH 16:

  • Monday, December 5, 2016 – 14:10h – HALL 9
    Ensure Performance Stability When Upgrading Oracle Databases

    • Nobody likes unforeseeable surprises when it comes to database upgrades and migrations.As the upgrade or migration usually is not complicated by itself, the most important topic is to ensure good performance afterwards. This presentation will discuss a straight forward step-by-step approach to ensure not only plan stability but also proper testing, secret tweaks and helpful tips and tricks around database upgrades and migrations. It spans the entire project lifetime from things-to-do before approaching such a move to important settings in your new environment during or after the upgrade. Just to avoid unforeseeable surprises …
  • Tuesday, December 6, 2016 – 15:25h – HALL 5
    Upgrade to the Next Generation of Oracle Database: Live & Uncensored!

    • Upgrade on Powerpoint Slides will work always fine.
      But how does a database upgrade to the Next Generation of the Oracle Database works? What is different compared to Oracle Database 12.1, what is new? And is it faster?
      This talk will briefly overview database upgrades and new upgrade and migration features but focus mainly on a LIVE and UNCENSORED (and potentially INTERACTIVE) demonstration of a database upgrade to the Next Generation of the Oracle Database.
  • Wednesday, December 7, 2016 – 8:50h – HALL 9
    The Best Upgrade & Migration Strategies – or Things to Avoid

    • What if you have more than a few databases? What is the best strategy to keep them current, upgrade and/or migrate them in a regular cycle without taking all your available resources? And what can be automated?
      This talk will not only highlight successful customer upgrade projects but also showcase techniques to automate your upgrade and your patching with two different examples of customers with a range between 300 and 1700 databases. Furthermore there are things and habits to definitely avoid as otherwise things get really
      tricky and become very hard to handle – and very expensive as well. Real life cases will showcase things to avoid by all means.

Hope to see you there!


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