Upgrades to Oracle Database (and Downgrades)

Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2) is available now in the Oracle Cloud
in DBCS and ECS in both NAS and EMEA zones, as well as being available on Exadata Express Cloud Service. The Oracle Database 12.2 documentation should be published later today.

Just to note down, the versions supporting direct upgrade either with catctl.pl on the command line or with DBUA are:

  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Database

Direct Upgrade to Oracle Database 12.2

No direct upgrades are supported from versions below Oracle Database

For versions older than Oracle Database other tools such as Data Pump or techniques such as Transportable Tablespaces may be used in order to avoid double- or triple-hops jumping from one release to another. And of course those will work when migrating into the Oracle Cloud as well.

For Downgrades you can downgrade back down to the version you have upgraded from for non-CDBs.


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