New preupgrd.sql is available – MOS 884522.1

A new preupgrd.sql got released this week via MOS Note:884522.1.

Plus use this one for upgrades to Oracle Database instead of the deployed (or any other earlier version).

New Preupgrd.sql - MOS Note 884522.1

Changes since initial release of

  • Do not recommend pga_aggregate_limit for 12.1 databases
  • Fix miscalculation of upgrade parallel pdb count
  • Updates to the memory sizing uploaded in build #12
  • Removed the 32-bit and 64-bit values in the manual display.
  • Added a pga_aggregate_limit.
  • Shared_pool_size has gone from 472M to 660M for non-CDB.
  • Memory_target algorithm is more robust now that we’ve added a pga_aggregate_target to its sizing.
  • CDB sizing also in  (And is sizing for default -d and -N of
  • Make minor text changes to a few messages
  • Prevent string size overflows in a variety of contexts when underlying database has complex structure
  • Avert bug in INVALID_USR_TABLEDATA fixup routine when a large number of invalid objects exist
  • Correct MOS note number for timezone message
  • Do not insert/update registry$log if db is read only


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