_rowsets_enabled – Apply patch and use the default

I while back I blogged about issues with “rowsets“, a new Oracle 12c feature which unfortunately had two known wrong result (WQR) bugs:

What does “rowsets” actually mean?

I’d like to thank Sankar, our Development manager for providing this explanation which sheds some light on how important this feature actually is:

“Rowsets is a SQL execution performance enhancement introduced in Oracle RDBMS release 12.1 and further extended in a future release of the Oracle Database.

Prior to 12.1, data processing in the SQL layer were done on a row by row basis. That is, each row source in the row source tree performing a specific SQL operation (scan, join aggregation, window function, connect by etc) consume and produce one row at a time. Starting in 12.1, we introduced the concept of rowsets, where many row sources were enhanced to consume and produce rows in batches called rowsets. It is an internal performance
optimization project. That is why there isn’t much documentation.

This is a fundamental change in the SQL layer row processing. The benefits of rowsets is not only instruction cache locality but it also enables other performance optimizations such as, vectorization and prefetch in row sources and expression evaluation.”

Which issues did we see?

Which patches should you apply?


My recommendation would be to make sure that you are on the April/July 2016 Bundle Patch or PSU (or you take the one coming in October 2016) to cure the first bug mentioned above. The second issue (21608238) may need a one-off on top of your Proactive Bundle Patch or PSU so you may have to request it via an SR if it is not available on your platform.

Nevertheless the feature by itself is really important and shouldn’t be turned off when possible to benefit from the positive performance impact. It may be extended in the next release of the database.


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