OOW 2016: Slides and HOL Download

Sorry for any delay but Roy and I promised to make our OOW 2016 slides available right after the talks. And some people were asking already where they are.

For internal people you’ll find them via the usual sources on database.us.

But customers will have to wait until Oracle Database 12.2 is available in the Cloud as it got announced at OOW during the keynotes.

What you can get right now:

  • How to Ensure Performance Stability when Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c,
    our Thursday OOW16 talk. I had to mask the Oracle 12.2 information but the presentation should be very useful without it anyhow as it is mostly about the methodology and features which are available generally. And thanks also to Nigel Bayliss and Mike Hallas for the reviews and input.
  • Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c (,
    which is our OOW15 talk. I promise as soon as 12.2 is available I will publish a video showing you what we’ve did live and uncensored for the upgrade to 12.2. And in between you can watch Roy’s real-time video about the migration piece with FTEX for migrating to the DBaaS Cloud. And of course I will also upload the slides from the OOW16 talk as soon as possible.
  • Data Pump Best Practice
    will be available at the same time. It contains too much 12.2 information so masking it would lead to a not-useful presentation. Please be patient.
  • Hands-On Lab
    will be available on OTN at around the same time as the presentations, maybe with a slight delay. But for those who would like to play with it please take the 12.1 LAB environment and the 12.1 instructions. The difference is really only that you will upgrade to 12.1 instead of 12.2 – and of course you can’t experiment with the new Multitenant features.

Thanks for your patience!


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