Can I apply a BP on top of a PSU? Or vice versa? PART 2

I thought I won’t blog about this again:

But then a colleague of mine raised this simple question:

  • “I have a customer that would like to change from patching using PSU to patching using Bundle Patch. I am
    wondering what happens if my home has had several PSUs installed. Before applying a BP, would I need to rollback one by one all the PSUs that have been installed in reverse order (tedious) OR only the latest PSU (good)?”

Unfortunately the “simple” solution is hidden deep down in the documentation and not mentioned (as far as I could see) in any MOS Note.

The secret is the opatch option “all_subpatches“.

And this is the solution

  • All PSU sub-patches have to be rolled back
  • Use the -all_subpatches option – it will roll them all back in the correct sequence.
    • Note: all overlay patches need rolled back at first
  • Example:
    % opatch rollback –id  -all_subpatches
  • Documentation says:
    “This option is valid ONLY for composite patches. It allows the user to rollback all sub-patches of a composite series in one shot.”

Hope this helps here and there …


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