OOW 2016: Where are the slides? And the lab?

OOW16 is not over yet. Still one day to go. Or walk. My average walking distance per day so far is almost 11km per day or 13500 steps according to my cell phone.

We’ve had one talk so far, our “Upgrade and Migrate to Oracle Database 12.2 – Live and Uncensored” on Monday, 3 of 4 Hands-On-Labs, all fully sold out – and tomorrow we’ll have the final lab and the 2nd presentation “Ensure Performance Stability When Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c” in Moscone South 302 at 9:30am.

Today I just realized that the “wonderful” OOW iPhone app does not display this talk neither does it display any of the customer talks we’d recommend to visit tomorrow. Maybe a Wrong Result Bug in whatever database is running underneath this app (it is an external company). Poor …

Anyhow, these are the talks to see for tomorrow:

Well, and you may ask yourself:
Where are the slides and where’s the Hands-On Lab.

We will upload the Hands-On Lab including the instructions as soon as Oracle Database 12.2 is available for download from the usual sources. In between please use the Lab for Oracle 12.1 as more or less the only real difference is the new preupgrade.jar tool.

I will upload the slides as well – minus the Oracle Database 12.2 content which will be made available as soon as it is available for download.



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