PDB unplug/plug/patch with PSUs or BPs

This question was posted on the blog a few days ago referring to my previous blog posts describing the two techniques to upgrade in an Oracle Multitenant environment:


We are planning to upgrade from to
The plan is to create new oracle home and
gradually moving PDB from to
Should I follow the same steps?
Is there any document for what we want to do?

And luckily there is a MOS Note out there describing the steps:

The part this note is not talking about is the unplug/plugin operations in detail.
But this is something you’ll find here:

Upgrade PDBs – One at a Time (unplug/plug)


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2 thoughts on “PDB unplug/plug/patch with PSUs or BPs

  1. I have a related question about plugging and un-plugging. WHat is the process for unplugging a PDB from a CDB that has TDE enabled another CDB that also has TDE enabled?


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