Proactive Bundle Patches – Change reflected now in MOS as well

Now the Known Isuses and Alerts and Recommended Patches Notes in MOS reflect the naming and classification change of the different types of patches as well.

See in:

MOS Note:1683799.1 – Patch Set – Availability and Known Issues

We don’t speak about Bundle Patches for Exadata and DBIM anymore making it easier to find the correct patch for your platform.

Just wanted to share this as I’m refreshing our upgrade slide deck at the moment 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Proactive Bundle Patches – Change reflected now in MOS as well

  1. I wish Oracle would make patching as easy as Microsoft. You just run setup.exe and it does the rest. With Oracle patching, even finding out which patches are applicable and how to apply them is an exercise in frustration. Reminds me of the rules of Fizzbin, a fictional card game which captain Kirk played with the bad guys in Star Trek episode A Piece of the Action. The rules were made on the fly by Kirk and were so complex that everybody got confused.

  2. Arun,

    you are not the only one giving such feedback. Actually I receive a good bunch of mails per day from people who know how patching works with similar and even worse feedback.

    At the moment "we" are working on a more obvious way to show what’s included in whatever PSU or BP – and what’s not.

    Furthermore OJVM patching is a huge area where almost nobody seems to understand what has to be done – and what hasn’t.

    I don’t want to turn this blog into a "how to patch" as this is really not the area I’m working in. But maybe due to my support background – and of course due to the fact that we highly recommend to patch before you upgrade or migrate – this topics has some sort of sticky-note-flavor to me.


  3. Mike,

    I have patched Oracle Databases with PSU+DB and PSU+GI however I’ve never just done client patches. Is there anything different with Patching clients? Are there different Patch sets for clients?

  4. @Steve:

    I know – the logical structure of the note is broken. But I got too tired in raising this over and over again …
    That’s basically why I blogged about "how to apply …" in order to have the information ready to reuse in my environment 😉


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