July 2016 – Proactive BPs and PSUs are available

Last night the July 2016 patches got released

Not all of them actually. In case you miss AIX, Intel Solaris and zLinux versions those should be available by Friday, July 22, 2016.

See the Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory July 2016 for further details, and especially the Database announcement on MOS.

What’s new, what’s important?

First of all the renaming of DBIM and Exadata Bundle Patches into PROACTIVE BUNDLE PATCHES is now settled in more MOS notes.

2.1 Database patch for Engineered Systems and Database In-Memory renamed to “Proactive Bundle Patch”

Starting from Apr2016 onwards the prior Database Bundle that was called “Database patch for Engineered Systems and Database In-Memory” will now be called “Proactive Bundle Patch”. This patch will continue be a cummulative patch and will include all prior fixes. The Apr2016 Proactive BP can also be applied on top the Jan2016 “Database patch for Engineered Systems and Database In-Memory”.

Does Oracle really recommend the Proactive Bundle Patches?

Well, I blogged about it almost 3 months ago and received several emails and comments from customer and colleagues sending me either complaints or SRs where somebody in Oracle Support gave them a hard time as one has applied a Proactive Bundle patch on a non-Exadata system. Hm … the fact the Proactive BPs were available in Solaris, AIX and HP-UX as well got simply ignored. Sorry for the inconvenience – but Oracle is a big ship and sometimes it takes a while until the message reaches really everybody.

Anyhow, in case you get into discussion with Oracle Support people in an SR please direct them to MOS Note: 1962125.1 – Oracle Database – Overview of Database Patch
Delivery Methods

Oracle makes the following recommendation for which patch method to use for Database related installations:

  • Every customer should at least install PSUs. Minimal testing required.
  • Customers wanting a more comprehensive set of fixes should install the Database Proactive Bundle patch. This requires a bit more testing than a Patch Set Update (PSU), but delivers a larger set of fixes

1 The “Database Proactive Bundle Patch” requires a bit more testing than a Patch Set Update (PSU) as it delivers a larger set of fixes. 

[above table and text is taken from MOS Note:1962125.1 as of July 20, 2016]

Other changes you should be aware of?

And you’ll find also significant changes in the naming in MOS Note:1683799.1 – Patch Set – Availability and Known Issues. The Recommended Patches section differentiates now between Exadata, RAC and non-RAC systems making your choice much easier, and removes the misleading naming for DBIM:

Non Exadata Non RAC

Document Description Rolling RAC Patch Download
Note:23615334.8 Combo of OJVM PSU and DBBP (Jul 2016) Part Patch:23615334
Note:23615289.8 Combo of OJVM PSU and DB PSU (Jul 2016) Part Patch:23615289
Note:23273686.8 Database Proactive Bundle Patch (Jul 2016) Yes Patch:23273686
Note:23177536.8 Oracle JavaVM Component Database PSU (Apr 2016) (OJVM PSU) No Patch:23177536
Note:23054246.8 (Jul 2016) Database Patch Set Update (DB PSU) Yes Patch:23054246

I’d recommend you the one in BOLD letters unless you use OJVM and require the OJVM patch in addition.

And finally … the summary!

For those who have no time to read such a lengthy blog post here’s the important facts:



Please be aware of:

  • Two workarounds:
    • Addition of UnixODBC package to server
      • Install the “unixODBC” packages:
        yum install unixODBC
      • Re-run the ins_odbc.mk
        • cd $ORACLE_HOME/odbc/lib/
        • make -f ins_odbc.mk isqora
    • Removing the sqora relinking from ‘actions.xml’ file of Linux x86-64 DBPSU
      • It is already removed from all the other platforms


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