Silence for some weeks?

You may wonder why I haven’t posted many things in the past weeks. Or why I haven’t replied to your comments yet. The few posts were pre-written – and I took off for a few weeks and traveled on the West Coast of the US from San Francisco towards the north.

So while I’m writing new content and answering your comments and building up a new hands-on lab for our upcoming workshops let me share some pictures with you – fully off-topic of course 🙂

Plenty of clouds in Northern California

Coast north of SF

Redwood NP


Mnt Hood

Crater Lake NP 

Oregon coast

Crab – Oregon coast

Another kind of RAC(k) Attack

Portland – great city!!!

Mnt St Helens

Starring at the clouds … or on my backpack 😉

Seattle Pike’s Place market

Seattle – also a great city

Updates and replies to the comments will follow soon.
Thanks for your patience!!!


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