There’s sometimes a misunderstanding about what we mean with the term DEPRECATED? And what is the difference to DESUPPORTED? Actually there’s a full chapter in the Database Upgrade Guide listing deprecated and desupported features.


Especially this message puzzled a lot of customers stating that the non-CDB architecture is deprecated in Oracle Database 12c.

In the Database Upgrade Guide we clearly explain what deprecated means:

By deprecate, we mean that the feature is no longer being enhanced but is still supported

So for you it means just be aware that we don’t further develop or enhance something. But you are still fully supported by using this feature.

Another well known example is Oracle Streams which is fully supported in Oracle Database 12c – but not in Oracle Multitenant – and is deprecated and therefore not enhanced or developed any further.

Or to name another example, Oracle Restart, which is deprecated for some time – but still not desupported. And I know a good bunch of customers using it in production even with Oracle Database on several hundred databases.


Even if something is desupported – remember the Rule Based Optimizer? – you can still use a feature being desupported. But on your own risk as we don’t fix any bugs or issues anymore.

Again the Database Upgrade Guide clarifies the term:

“By desupported, we mean that Oracle will no longer fix bugs related to that feature and may remove the code altogether”

Other common examples in Oracle Database 12c are the Enterprise Manager Database Control which simply does not exist anymore in Oracle Database 12c or the desupport of Raw Devices.


Deprecated is a signal that something may disappear in the future and does not get enhanced anymore. No activity required except of taking note for your future plans. Desupported means that we don’t fix anything anymore for a desupported feature or product – and it may even disappear. But often desupported features are still there and can be used on your own risk only.


6 thoughts on “What does DEPRECATED mean? And DESUPPORTED?

  1. I am planning to upgrade many of our existing Oracle Version database moving to Oracle Version
    The problem is some of our databases are hot/hot and use streams and advanced replication.

    Have you heard of any customer or internal issues with upgrading to with the use of Streams and/or Advance Replication NOT working as it did in

  2. @David:

    No, as far as I’m aware this should work well. But you may check MOS first as well to see if there are some notes about it. But in theory all should work fine.


  3. Fabio,

    as far as I know: No – it will remain deprecated. But please wait for the official documentation being available. I can only guess.


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