Oracle 12.2: OJVM will no longer support compilation of SQLJ source – and JPub does not get shipped anymore

In Oracle Database, OJVM will no longer support the compilation of SQLJ source or executing SQLJ classes.

SQLJ on the client side will continue to be developed, shipped and supported.  Only the part inside the DB is affected. Existing SQLJ code that runs inside the DB will need to be re-coded to use generic JDBC.

Furthermore JPub (client-side and inside-DB) will not get shipped anymore with Oracle Database 12.2. It got removed from the RDBMS code. There is no replacement.


4 thoughts on “Oracle 12.2: OJVM will no longer support compilation of SQLJ source – and JPub does not get shipped anymore

  1. Hi Mike

    I’m not quite clear on which version will introduce the “Deprecation of SQLJ Inside the Server”.
    If I refer to, this seems to be deprecated in 12.1.
    I’d appreciate your input to understand this. Does it mean there’s no fix on this from 12.1 and it will not work anymore at all from
    Keeping 12.1 means we can still use SQLJ in OJVM till Jul 2021 if we pay extended support ?

    Vielen Dank

    • Hi Jerome,

      I tried to explain here what DEPRECATED really means:

      So basically in this case it means that we won’t develop it further – but it is fully supported and you get bug fixes and such. And you don’t have to pay extended support – but if you demand ERROR CORRECTION (aka bug fixes) after the Premier Support has ended (and the already announced first year of free extended support has ended as well) then you need to sign a contract for “paid” Extended Support. But without it you still get support but no NEW fixes.

      Now coming back to SQLJ in Oracle Database 12.2:
      There it is now DESUPPORTED meaning for Oracle Database 12.2 you won’t get fixes anymore. You can use the feature on your own risk but Support may refuse to assist you with 12.2 (!!! not 12.1 !!!) in case of issues.

      Hope this helps – cheers

      • Hi Mike
        Thanks a lot for your answer.
        So, if I’m not mistaken, I don’t have any interest (considering SQLJ situation) to upgrade from my actual to 12.1 or 12.2 (perhaps 12.1 to keep support) as long as I don’t change my code to use generic JDBC, ins’t it ?

        Vielen Dank

        • Jerome,

          with an upgrade to nothing seems to change for you. Only in 12.2 you may get in trouble due to the “not supported anymore” situation.


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