OOW 2015 – Upgrade and Migrate to Oracle 12c Talk – Live and Uncensored – Get the Slides

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Roy and I were extremely happy yesterday as the room was full. Totally sold out. I’ve read on Twitter that some people wanted to go in and weren’t allowed to join as the room capacity was reached.

If you want to get the few slides for our first talk:

And thanks again – you were an awesome audience! And we are looking forward to see you in one of our two other talks:.

  • Our 2nd talk will happen on Wednesday at 12:15pm (skip the unhealthy lunch).
    We’ll contrast some nasty things with some very good and detailed customer examples included in it. Real world examples, no artificial lab exercises. Againuncensored (mostly ;-) ) and just from first hand experience.
    How to Upgrade Hundreds or Thousands of Databases in a Reasonable Amount of Time [CON8375]
    Mike Dietrich, Master Product Manager, Oracle
    Roy Swonger, Sr Director, Software Development, Oracle

    Wednesday, Oct 28, 12:15 p.m. | Moscone South—102
  • The 3rd talk of our group is the Data Pump  Performance Tips and Tricks talk delivered by Data Pump experts from Development
    .Deep Dive: More Oracle Data Pump Performance Tips and Tricks [CON8376]
    Dean Gagne, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
    Jim Stenoish, Senior Director, Software Development, Oracle

    Thursday, Oct 29, 9:30 a.m. | Moscone South—305


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2 thoughts on “OOW 2015 – Upgrade and Migrate to Oracle 12c Talk – Live and Uncensored – Get the Slides

  1. Mike,
    I have a question about upgrade to 12c and size of SYSAUX tablespace. In most of our production databases, the size of SYSAUX tablespace is 70 GB+. The major occupants of SYSAUX tablespace are AWR reports and stats history from way back. We have tried many times to purge this information but there is no Oracle supported way to just truncate the underlying tables. My question is: would this size of SYSAUX tablespace cause any issues with upgrade?


  2. Arun,

    there’s a MOS Note about SYSAUX growth. There could be plenty of reasons such as:
    – AWR sizing
    – stats history (not everybody is aware of the 31 day retention)
    – SQL Plan Management baseline’s LOB segment
    – Incremental stats
    and even left overs from previous releases which didn’t get purged correctly.

    Check the view V$SYSAUX_OCCUPANTS for where the space is spent on mostly.

    There’s also a PURGE call in the DBMS_STATS package as far as I remember.

    And no, it won’t cause you issues during uprade.


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