No OS Authentication? datapatch will fail in every upgrade

Thanks to Daniel from SimCorp for bringing this to my attention:Patch
Actually, command line upgrades are affected as well, if you do not use OS authentication.
Apparently, datapatch is not able to execute in non-OS authentication mode.
See MOS note 1635007.1.


You are doing a command line upgrade to Oracle Database 12c with – and you don’t use OS authentication allowing connections with “/ as sysdba” then won’t be able to execute the SPU/PSU/BP related SQL commands as it will fail to connect to your database with an ORA-1017 (invalid username/password) error.


Bug 18361221 is fixed in Oracle 12.2 and got backported to and but not actually included in any bundles at the moment. Without this fix, datapatch will only connect with ‘/ as sysdba‘.

Either apply generic patch 18361221 to your destination Oracle Home or switch on OS authentication by setting:


temporarily in your sqlnet.ora for the duration of the upgrade only. See the documentation for further information about SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES. Or, of course, run -verbose after upgrading your database in any case …

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4 thoughts on “No OS Authentication? datapatch will fail in every upgrade

  1. Mike,
    The MOS note says bug is applicable to all platforms but the parameter SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES = (NTS) is very specific to Windows. So if all platforms are affected, how to workaround in Linux?

    Arun Gupta

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