Oracle Database SE2 – Support and Patches for Oracle Database SE/SE1

Oracle SE2

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Some questions regarding support for Oracle Database Standard Edition (SE/SE1) came up in the past days.

Most of those are answered already in MOS Note 2027072.1 (Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition 2
( )

How long will Oracle Database in any edition remain under Premier Support? 

Full patching support for for all versions of 12gR1 (Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition and Standard One Edition) will be proviced for an additional 12 months from the release of SE2, so through until end August 2016.

After that period Oracle Database will enter Sustaining Support. There won’t be any Extended Support for Oracle Database in any edition.

Will there be PSUs and SPUs/CPUs available?

Yes, quarterly Patch Set Updates and Critical Patch Updates for will continue to be delivered until end of Premier Support for Oracle Database

Will there be an Oracle Database Standard Edition SE/SE1? 

Beginning with the release of Oracle Database,  Oracle Database Standard Edition (SE) and Oracle Database Standard Edition One (SE1) are no longer being released. was the final edition that we will produce for SE and SE1.

MOS Note:742060.1 Release Schedule of Current Database
does reflect this extension already:

Release Patching Ends Notes and Exceptions* 31-Aug-2016


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6 thoughts on “Oracle Database SE2 – Support and Patches for Oracle Database SE/SE1

  1. I’m still trying to figure out what is the Oracle strategy with this SE2. We have a lot of customers (small/medium business) running SE1 and SE. So from now one Oracle will cost more with less power (2 sockets and max of 16 threads).

    What can we tell for those customers? Why Oracle Database? This will make DB2 and SQL Server even more considered in my opnion.

  2. Bernardo,

    I see all your points. But I’m not in the position to discuss Oracle license policy and agreements. Please contact your local Oracle sales reps. Those are the right people to discuss these things with.


  3. Hi,

    I don’t see any license obligations disallowing Oracle Restart with SE or SE2. So as far as I see you will be able to use ASM of course with SE2, regardless of Single Instance or RAC.


  4. Hi Mike,

    This January oracle released big CPU patch for and release . i am assuming that it is for enterprise edition.We have standard edition and i have been asked by our client to apply same patch.My question is
    1 Do we have same patch for standard edition 1?

    2 Does this requires upgrade to if yes then do we have patch to do so ?

    Thanks in advance

  5. @Sushil:

    The PSUs and BPs apply to SE as well – there are no specific patch bundles done for SE. You’ll always take the available ones as they apply to SE and EE as well.

    Now in the specific case of
    As far as i see in MOS Note 742060.1 Oracle went out of bug fixing Support by end of August 2016 meaning the latest available patch bundle may the July 2016 PSU or BP.

    You’ll have to move to or 12.2 to get recent patches (but I see the license topic as well).


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