Oracle non-CDB architecture may be desupported after Oracle Database 12.2

You may wonder about the headline of this blog post.
Haven’t I blogged about this a long time ago?

Yes, I did. On January 22, 2015 – over 7 months ago:

But whenever in the past weeks this message has been refreshed and got a bit more precise (which I’d guess everybody appreciates). Now we are clearly saying that such a change won’t happen with Oracle 12.2. Before we’ve said only “in a later release“.

See the Oracle Database 12c Upgrade Guide:

Deprecation Note non-CDB architecture

In case you’d like to explore the world of (at least) Oracle Single Tenant (no extra license required, available even with SE2) which I’d highly recommend you’ll find some useful advice in this slide deck:

Oracle Database 12.2

Please see:

Non-CDB architecture still exists in Oracle Database 12.2.


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3 thoughts on “Oracle non-CDB architecture may be desupported after Oracle Database 12.2

  1. Mike,
    We are in the the planning phase of upgrade approach from to 12c. A big question is: To CDB or not to CDB. We are unable to decided which approach would be easier:

    a) Just upgrade the database from 11g to 12c without CDB architecture. We can convert from non-CDB to CDB later.
    b) Upgrade database from 11g to 12c and convert to CDB with each container just having one database. We do not want to go with multiple PDBs in a CDB just yet.

    What are your thoughts?


  2. Arun,

    that is a tough question. My usual advice without knowing more details would be:
    (1) Upgrade your databases to and keep the current architecture unless you have a multitenant license already
    (2) Identify a few systems which are embedded in your backup strategy, your monitoring concept etc and make them single-tenant after the upgrade.

    I strongly recommend the latter to get experience with single/multitenant, learn how processes need to be adjusted, what will work out of the box and which things won’t etc.

    The non-CDB architecture (stand alone databases as you’ll create them today) will stay at least until Oracle 12.2. But still you should get experience now because one day we’ll change this and then a lot of people with no experience will find out the hard way that some things work different in a single/multitenant environment.

    You may check my "Single Tenant for DBAs" presentation in the slides download center for some interesting aspects.


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