Can you have Oracle Multitenant in Oracle SE2?

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Can you have Oracle Multitenant in Oracle Standard Edition SE2?

No, you can’t as Oracle Multitenant is a licensable option for Enterprise Edition (EE) databases only.

But wait a second …

You can do Oracle Single Tenant with SE2 of course meaning you can have one active pluggable database within one container database at a time. That is possible and does not require any additional licenses.

See the DBCA (Database Configuration Assistant) screen when you’ll try to create a container database:

DBCA - Single Tenant

More information?

You’ll find more information about the differences in handling and such between Oracle non-CDB, Oracle Single Tenant and Oracle Multitenant databases in this presentation:


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3 thoughts on “Can you have Oracle Multitenant in Oracle SE2?

  1. Here is a CPU-thread calculation from an Oracle Partner Pricing document:

    Note: The new 16 CPU thread cap is a technical limitation in the Database program, not merely a contractual license limitation. SE2 database cannot utilize more than 16 threads at any time. On a typical Intel processor, each core contains two (2) threads. For example, a 2-socket Intel-based server may contain two processors each having 10 cores, so the server has 20 threads in total (if hyper threading is enabled); SE2 will utilize a maximum of 16 threads at any time.

    Does this mean with 2 "Single Tenant" DB-Instances (no RAC) (CDB1 (PDB1) + CDB2(PDB2)) on one 2-Socket Server totaly having 32 threads (2x 8-Core(HT)-CPUs), these 32 would be completely used?

    CDB1(PDB1) = 16 DB-CPU threads
    CDB2(PDB2) = 16 DB-CPU threads

    Greets Ingo

  2. As far as my license understanding goes you can create as many SE2 Container databases as you want on this server – but each of them can only have one PDB (the PDB$SEED does not count).


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