Upgrade downtime credited to APEX

What do you think when you see this post-upgrade result? Oracle Database 12.1 Post-Upgrade Status Tool 08-07-2015 15:08:26 Component Current Version Elapsed Time Name Status Number HH:MM:SS Oracle Server UPGRADED 00:19:26 JServer JAVA Virtual Machine VALID 00:10:52 Oracle Workspace Manager VALID 00:01:52 OLAP Analytic Workspace VALID 00:00:34 OLAP Catalog OPTION OFF 00:00:00 Oracle OLAP API VALID 00:00:42 Oracle XDK VALID 00:01:07 Oracle Text VALID 00:01:36 Oracle XML Database VALID 00:03:55 Oracle Database Java Packages VALID 00:00:22 Oracle Multimedia VALID 00:03:57 Spatial UPGRADED 00:08:56 Oracle Application Express VALID … Continue reading Upgrade downtime credited to APEX