Oracle Databases and Microsoft Windows 10

Please find a more current blog post about certification of Oracle Database 12c on MS Win 10 here:

Oracle Database certification on Microsoft Windows 10

MS Windows 10

If you have upgraded already or plan to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 in the near (or later) future, you may find this Statement Of Direction by Oracle regarding Microsoft Windows 10 certification quite useful:

In summary:

  • Oracle plans to certify Oracle Database by October 2015
  • Oracle plans to certify the next major version of the database as well on MS Win 10 – 64bit

Addition [Oct, 22, 2015]:



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29 thoughts on “Oracle Databases and Microsoft Windows 10

  1. Well, Oracle 11.2 is out of Premier Support already – therefore no certification on a new OS which got released AFTER end of Premier Support 😉

    And yes, I fully agree on SE – but news will be available very soon.


  2. Shaq,

    two options:
    (a) you’ll start to work now as the official certification will happen soon
    (b) you’ll use Virtual Box 5.0.4 on Win10 – currently under experimental support – but then you’ll have the freedom of using for instance Oracle Linux inside.


  3. Fully understand – but you’ll have to open an SR to trigger support if MOS Certification does not give you an update.

    Apologies for the inconvenience!


  4. Guest,

    not sure what you are asking for???

    Please precise your question. What have you done? What is installed? What is your issue?


  5. Hi Mike,

    Any Update on an ETA for Windows 10 support? Especially for the client. My customers are finding it harder to order new client PCs with windows 7 or 8.1 installed.

    October has come and gone.



  6. Rumors say something about mid to late November. But this is just a rumor … so to get some more precise information you’ll have to open an SR probably.


  7. Please open an SR – it was promised late Nov – but seem to be delayed again. Maybe because of Thanksgiving – I have no idea.
    It could also have to do with Win10 itself. Not sure if you recognized it but MS had to take back the massive update for Win10 due to unknown reasons.

    Right now (as of Dec 1) it is not in the list on MOS yet.


    PS: Just on the side: I would be a very happy person if people would insist to upgrade to any new database releases as fast as questions for Win10 certifications fly into my inbox 😉

  8. Hi,
    according to MOS Doc ID 1307195.1 Windows 10 is now certified with

    Windows 10 O/S Information:
    RAC is not certified.
    The earliest release certified on Windows 10 is

  9. Oracle 12c 32 bits odbc does not seem to work in windows 10, is this true ? or has this been addressed and a new download is available, please help.

  10. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you also give it away for free. I love seeing Websites that understand the value of providing a Quality Content for free.
    The company will release versions of its latest database for Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education up to three months after Microsoft. Oracle has been a leading provider of database technology on Microsoft

  11. Amber,

    are you asking about "Database" or "Windows" upgrades?
    For the database you can download each version (such as from either or most versions via ==> Patches and Updates.


  12. Patrick,

    please open an SR and let Support clarify – I can’t do this unfortunately nor do I know if that is an ODBC issue or has to do with 32bit libs. But Support will know.


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    • No 😉

      Win10 came out 2016 if I remember correctly.
      Oracle 9i went out of support in July 2007 – almost 10 years before Win10 got born 😉

      Please see ==> “Certification” for certified version of the Oracle Database for Win 10 (should be and but please double check).


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