Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) – Datapatch?

I have blogged about the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) a while back:

And Markus Michalewicz, our Director of Product Management, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), has published a very interesting and helpful insight article about GIMR on July 30, 2015. Read it here:

Since Oracle Database the GIMR database will be created by default – and it is a single tenant database having a CDB$ROOT and one active PDB.

Recently the question came up if – in the likely event of applying a PSU or BP to the GI Home – you’ll have to run datapatch manually to adopt the SQL changes for the PSU/BP into the GIMR database as well?

Simple answer: No.

SQL changes will be automatically applied to the GIMR database by default. This got introduced in Oracle with the PSU1 already and is tracked by ER BUG 14830129 – MGMT DATABASE PATCH ACTIONS NEED TO RUN DURING GI POST PATCH PHASE

You can verify this by looking at your logs (Thanks Santosh!) – you should see something similar as:

<grid_home>/cfgtoollogs/crsconfig/crspatch_xxxx file

2015-07-15 15:36:51: Mgmtdb is running on node: racnode1; local node: racnode1
2015-07-15 15:36:51: Mgmtdb is running on the local node
2015-07-15 15:36:51: Starting to patch Mgmt DB ...
2015-07-15 15:36:51: Invoking "/opt/oracle/app/12.1.0/grid/sqlpatch/sqlpatch -db -MGMTDB"
2015-07-15 15:36:51: Running as user oracle: /opt/oracle/app/12.1.0/grid/sqlpatch/sqlpatch -db -MGMTDB
2015-07-15 15:36:51:   Invoking "/opt/oracle/app/12.1.0/grid/sqlpatch/sqlpatch -db -MGMTDB" as user "oracle"
2015-07-15 15:36:51: Executing /bin/su oracle -c "/opt/oracle/app/12.1.0/grid/sqlpatch/sqlpatch -db -MGMTDB"
2015-07-15 15:36:51: Executing cmd: /bin/su oracle -c "/opt/oracle/app/12.1.0/grid/sqlpatch/sqlpatch -db -MGMTDB"
2015-07-15 15:37:50: Command output:
>  SQL Patching tool version on Tue Jul 15 15:36:51 2015
>  Copyright (c) 2015, Oracle.  All rights reserved.
>  Connecting to database...OK
>  Note:  Datapatch will only apply or rollback SQL fixes for PDBs
>         that are in an open state, no patches will be applied to closed PDBs.
>         Please refer to Note: Datapatch: Database 12c Post Patch SQL Automation
>         (Doc ID 1585822.1)
>  Determining current state...done
>  Adding patches to installation queue and performing prereq checks...done
>  Installation queue:
>    For the following PDBs: CDB$ROOT PDB$SEED CRS
>      Nothing to roll back
>      The following patches will be applied:
>        20831110 (Database Patch Set Update : (20831110))
>  Installing patches...
>  Patch installation complete.  Total patches installed: 3
>  Validating logfiles...done
>  SQL Patching tool complete on Tue Jul 21 15:37:50 2015


For all the skeptical people (Germans especially) let me add that in Oracle Database the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) is not mandatory – but its existence will be mandatory for a future upgrade to Grid Infrastructure 12.2.


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