Other people’s thoughts: “Should you upgrade to 12c?”

You still don’t believe me yet when I say: You can’t seriously wait for the so called 2nd release of Oracle Database 12c as it will be an entirely new release again? And you haven’t upgraded yet to Oracle Database for various reasons?

Then sometimes it’s good to listen to other people’s opinions – and I’m happy to share this 6 minute video by Tim Hall (very well known for his great page oracle-base). Listen to Tim and his Thoughts about Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c. And don’t get disturbed that he’s driving on the wrong side of the road 😉

And I promise I didn’t bribe Tim (cocktails don’t count) 😉

Thanks Tim!!!


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One thought on “Other people’s thoughts: “Should you upgrade to 12c?”

  1. I noticed the following in Oracle single instance database (non asm) alert.log file.What do they mean.

    NOTE: remote asm mode is local (mode 0x1; from cluster type)
    NOTE: Using default ASM root directory ASM

    Thank you in advance for clarifying the meaning.

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