ORAchk released – a MUST USE Tool

ORAchk I have blogged a while back in March 2015 about ORAchk  as it had added the support for Oracle Restart amongst other great features.

ORAchk (short for: ORA check) is such a great tool to check your environment before any upgrade, but also on a regular basis for almost everything. I’d call it a MUST USE Tool not only for Oracle Grid Infrastructure or Oracle Restart upgrades or patches or changes. But also for EM Cloud Control 12c, EBS, Siebel, and of course your hardware.

The newest version of ORAchk has been released.

The new ORAchk release is now available to download.

General ORAchk features

  • Proactively scans for the most impactful problems across the various layers of your stack
  • Simplifies and streamlines how to investigate and analyze which known issues present a risk to you
  • Lightweight tool that runs within your environment without requiring config data to be sent to Oracle
  • High level reports show your system health risks with the ability to drill down into specific problems and understand their resolutions
  • Can be configured to send email notifications when it detects problems
  • Collection Manager, a companion Application Express web app, provides a single dashboard view of collections across your entire enterprise
  • It does not cost anything!!!

Details of new features in ORAchk

Auto update ORAchk when newer version is available

New in this release, if ORAchk is older than 120 days and a newer version is not available locally it will check to see if a newer version is available on My Oracle Support and automatically download and upgrade.

Download of latest version directly from My Oracle Support can also be specifically triggered with “./orachk –download”.

If ORAchk is running in automated mode the daemon will automatically upgrade from local location defined by RAT_UPGRADE_LOC just before the next scheduled run. Email notification will be sent about the upgrade then ORAchk will continue with the scheduled run using the upgraded version, all without requiring you to restart the ORAchk daemon.

Expanded Oracle Product Support

ORAchk now brings wider and deeper support throughout the Oracle product stack, with newly added support for the following product areas:

  • Enterprise Manager OMS
  • E-Business Suite Oracle Fixed Assets
  • E-Business Suite Oracle Human Resources
  • E-Business Suite Oracle Receivables
  • Siebel CRM Application

See Document 1268927.2 for further details of the new product support.

Over 60 New Health Checks

This release of ORAchk adds new checks for some of the most impactful problems seen to Oracle Customer Support specifically in the areas of:

  • Systems hardware settings to optimize encryption performance for the Database and E-Business Suite.
  • Solaris & Siebel CRM Object Manager to ensure page sizes are set appropriately for Siebel CRM to handle large numbers of users.
  • Database optimization of memory and resource related configurations and Application Continuity checks.
  • Enterprise Manager OMS High impact problems that cause functional failure or difficulty with patching or upgrade.
  • E-Business Suite Receivables detection of non-validated Receivables Accounting Definitions, which might prevent the Create Accounting process from functioning.
  • E-Business Suite Fixed Assets checks for any books with an errored or incomplete depreciation run, to allow for resolution prior to month end close.
  • E-Business Suite Human Resources verification of Setup Business Group configuration.
  • Siebel Applications verification of the database configuration for stability, best practices and performance optimization.



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6 thoughts on “ORAchk released – a MUST USE Tool

  1. We are upgraded out to 12c( on SunOS Sun SPARC 64 (Sun 10 upgrade 11 OS).
    However, some of the queries which takes few minutes doesn’t complete in 12c and execution plans shows wrong cardinality chosen in the execution plan etc.

    The optimizer_features_enable doesn’t work but setting it to works similar or better timings with

    Do you think setting the optimizer_features_enable from to will have too much risk.
    Ofcourse we had raised SR with oralce and waiting for their confirmation, what is your view, Thanks for your valuable feed back, appreciated.


  2. You can do this – but if you know the issue already, I’d tend to switch off specific things such as (in your case):



  3. Hi,

    even though the doc does not state it specifically there’s no restriction regarding SE or SE2.


    ORAchk proactively scans for known issues in the following Oracle Stack areas. Coverage is determined by prioritization of top problems reported by customers. If you would like further coverage of an area not listed below please let us know via the ORAchk community.

    Oracle Database
    Standalone Database
    Grid Infrastructure & RAC
    Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) Validation
    Upgrade Readiness Validation
    Golden Gate
    Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (12c only)
    OMS (version and above on Linux only)
    E-Business Suite
    Oracle Payables (R12 only)
    Oracle Workflow
    Oracle Purchasing (R12 only)
    Oracle Order Management (R12 only)
    Oracle Process Manufacturing (R12 only)
    Oracle Fixed Assets (R12 only)
    Oracle Human Resources (R12 only)
    Oracle Receivables (R12 only)
    Oracle Hardware Systems
    Oracle Solaris
    Oracle Systems configuration for Oracle Middleware & Oracle Applications
    Oracle Siebel
    Oracle Siebel verification of verification of the database configuration for stability, best practices and performance optimization (Siebel connecting to Oracle Database


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