SAP is now certified on Oracle Database

ORACLE and SAPSAP certified Oracle Database as of March 31, 2015!

Yes, it’s true. Our colleagues in the Oracle/SAP/CompetenceCenter in Walldorf worked really hard to complete the certification for SAP with Oracle Database But finally it happened. Actually it was announced long time before as planned. And it happened right in time.

Please find the official documents here:

SAP Service Marketplace ==> Products ==> Installation & Upgrade Guides ==> Database Upgrades (login required) ==> Oracle 

And here’s the link to the official announcement:

Great job by a excellent Oracle team in Walldorf – and please no excuses anymore from anybody saying that you can’t certify your application on Oracle Database If SAP can do it, everybody can do it 🙂

If you are looking for more information and useful documents please see this discussion here – scroll down a bit (thanks to Upgrade Expert Andreas Becker from the Oracle-SAP-CC in Walldorf):

See also the ROADMAP for Oracle/SAP regarding future developments, feature support, In-Memory etc:


I’m expressing my sincere condolences as one of the 5 founders of SAP, Klaus Tschira, died on March 31, 2015 way too early at the age of 74 years. May he rest in piece!

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6 thoughts on “SAP is now certified on Oracle Database

  1. Although this site says SAP is certified with Oracle 12c 102, our sAP team faces failure in upgrade tool by SAP — which stops dead at "Create UNDOTBS1…. size 1gb’ — although we are using oracle PDB named ECD in a container DB — we are unable to proceed further.

    I was told that SAP doesnt work with Multitenant option in 12c yet — is this true?

  2. @Sudheer


    SAP has not certified Multitenant – but is going to do this soon. It’s already in the planning document and it shouldn’t take this long anymore.

    Until then you can’t install SAP into a PDB as the entire infrastructure needs to be changed amongst other things.


  3. We often need to refresh SAP DBs in QA – I want to know some doc or info whether I should do a full export import of ENTIRE ORACLE DB (which only runs SAP is used for SAP application) from Prod to QA OR I can just use the *SAPSR* schemas and it will be ok.

    Does SAP APPlication write data onto SYSTEM ,SYS etc oracle schemas – if so is there any script or doc that will help me avoid having to recreate the entire (all schemas IMPORT) which takes a lot of time?

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