Migration of an EM Repository cross-platform?

Can you migrate your EM Cloud Control Repository to another OS platform? Cross-platform and cross-Endianness?

This question sounds so incredibly simple that you won’t even start thinking I guess. Same for ourselves. Use Data Pump. Or Transportable Tablespaces. Or Full Transportable Export/Import if your source is at least or newer.

But sometimes in life things seem to be simple, but as soon as you unmask them you’ll find a full bunch of issues. It’s a fact that the repository of EM Cloud Control is quite a bit complicated. And uses plenty of databases technologies.

Actually all credits go to Roy here as he has worked with the EM group for the past 6 months on this topic.

You can migrate a EM Cloud Control Repository cross-platform but not cross-Endianness (e.g. HP-UX to OL, big to little Endianness). The latter is scheduled to be supported in EM 13.2.


As EM Cloud Control Repository migrations is possible right now only within the same Endianness group you should decide carefully where you store your EM Cloud Control Repository.


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6 thoughts on “Migration of an EM Repository cross-platform?

  1. Hi, we’re struggling in how to bring the 12cR4 OMR from an database running on Solaris SPARC to the (pluggable or not, but preferrably pluggable) database. The final target is Linux, but we may go through Solaris if required, as an intermediate step. I’ve checked the DOCs below, but there is no mention on being able to do the cross-platform transportable between different endianness, which I was waiting for:


  2. Zarko,

    you may please log an SR. I’m still very unsure if the EM repo can be migrated cross platform. The last document I saw included a very lengthy and complicated process. The EM Group should know better.


  3. Hi Mike,

    thanks for your comment and info. Actually, opening an SR is exactly what I have done, here it is for your own internal info, there is no need to publish it here as a public comment:

    SR 3-13552923951 : Cloud Control 12cR4 or R5: migrating OMRfrom one machine/db to another, cross-db version

    Frankly, I do not think we will get much further via the SR, but let’s wait a bit and see.

    Kind regards,

  4. Zarko,

    honestly I have not much hope either. We worked together with the EM folks a while back but it turned out that the EM repository is VERY complicated and strangely built in some ways.


  5. Hi – We are in middle of migration OEM env from AIX to Linux and ugrade it from 12c to 13c.
    You mentioned that cross-endianness is not supported to migrate OEM repository till 12c but with 13c it will supported.
    Can you please point me to a link to migrate OEM repository from AIX to Linux.


  6. As mentioned above I’m not aware of any supported path to migrate the EM repository cross Endianness (which is AIX to Linux).

    Please open an SR and consult with Oracle Support as I won’t be able to provide anything useful beyond the above blog post to you.


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