Upgrading ORACLE RESTART from 11.2 to 12.1

First of all, Oracle Restart is deprecated in Oracle Database 12c. Deprecation means the product is still supported, you can open SRs, you’ll get bug fixes – but we won’t do further development of the product or feature.

But a customer (Thanks to Jaco de Graaf for bringing this to my attention!) had a question via the blog about the best approach to upgrade his Oracle Restart configuration from Oracle to Oracle – and apply the October PSU as well.

What is Oracle Restart?
Please find an overview here in the doc. .

How to upgrade your Oracle Restart configuration?
The standard way is simple: Choose “Upgrade” in the starting page of the Grid Infrastructure’s OUI screen.
Grid Infrastructure OUI Upgrade Oracle Restart
You won’t see anything saying “Upgrade Stand Alone Installation” or “Upgrade Oracle Restart” – but the general “Upgrade …” option will cover this topic as well.

Upgrade Oracle Restart and include a PSU (Patch Set Update)?
This is a bit more tricky and as far as I see not documented entirely. But Jaco did open an SR and Support could help.

  1. Install 12.1 GI ‘software only’
  2. Patch that software set to the latest PSU (using: opatch apply ….-local)
  3. Remove the Oracle Restart configuration (using the ‘old’ 11.2 GRID_HOME)
    Please find a description on the excellent blog of my support colleague, Helmut Hutzler:
    or in MOS Note:986740.1
    It is important to mention that you need to use the ‘old’ GI Home to remove the Restart configuration – the MOS Note doesn’t say this explicitlely.
  4. Reconfigure the Oracle Restart configuration (using the ‘new’ 12.1 GRID_HOME)
  5. Add all required items back to the Oracle Restart stack (ASM, Listener, databases).

Steps 3, 4, and 5 will require a bit of downtime..


MOS Note 1584742.1Support Impact of the Deprecation Announcement of Oracle Restart with Oracle Database 12c on Feb 22, 2015

MOS Note 1410202.1:How to Apply a Grid Infrastructure Patch Before root script (root.sh or
rootupgrade.sh) is Executed?
on Feb 8, 2017

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3 thoughts on “Upgrading ORACLE RESTART from 11.2 to 12.1

  1. Hello Mike,

    Could you elaborate why do we use a different approach (not using the Upgrade GI or ASM option)? Is it because of a future plan to apply a PSU? If so, why would it require a fresh installation. Please explain.

  2. Hi,

    yes, the purpose of this approach is to avoid one extra run to apply a PSU. But if you’d use the default approach exactly this will happen.
    The above path will allow you to apply a PSU without going through the upgrade twice.

    And as you’ll upgrade from 11g to 12c you’ll have to install into a fresh home – no way out.


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