New Slide Decks Uploaded:
Upgrade/Migrate/Consolidate to Oracle 12c and
Parallel Multitenant Upgrade Internals

It’s time for a few updates and slide uploads 🙂 And thanks again to all the great people in Madrid earlier this week. It was a fantastic day – I enjoyed it a lot and wish you all successful upgrades and migrations 🙂

What’s new?

  • A refreshed version of our huge Oracle Database 12c “Upgrade, Migrate & Consilidate” slide deck. Now with 530 slides – kudos to Tom Kyte who gave me a lot of food for thought after his excellent talk at the DB TECH SHOWCASE 2014 TOKYO. I had to add a few slides later on making it now even harder to fit the content into a 1 day workshop 🙂
    As usual see the Change Log at the end of the deck about what has been added/changed.

  • A new and extended version of Joe Errede‘s OOW talk about how an Oracle Multitenant Upgrade works. All details about the parallel upgrade, options and tweaks of So kudos to Joe as he has build the basis for the slides – I reused many of them and added some stuff – and thanks to the (always) great audience at DOAG Conference in Nuernberg 🙂
  •  A refreshed version of the Hitchhiker’s Guide especially prepared for the (amazingly) huge audience at the DOAG Conference in Nuernberg (I was really impressed!!)


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