Beijing, Seoul – and OTN Tour Tokyo – just in one week

Uhhh … next week will be a tough traveling experience. 19870 km (12347 mi), all in cattle class on 4 different airlines.

I tried to avoid Lufthansa as they canceled recently flights I heavily relied on – with no reason! And there’s still a huge risk of announcing just their 9th strike within a year and a bit.

But I’m really looking forward to the workshops, to see all the colleagues, customers and of course some great friends. Roy and I will do two internal two-day workshops in Beijing and Seoul with each more than 50 participants – and we’ll include a nice hands-on-experience as well. And mid-week I’ll head out to Tokyo to present at the DB TECH SHOWCASE 2014 – which is part of the OTN ACE Tour.

Find the full agenda here: Time Table
My sessions are on Wednesday, Nov 12 in the A-Stream (Database):

      • 11:00-11:50h – Hitchhiker’s Guide to Database Upgrades
      • 14:00-14:50h – Multitenant in the Real World

CU soon – thanks!!!



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