26 thoughts on “Premier Support for Oracle 11.2 will end soon …
Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c now!

  1. Hi Pat,

    that is what I try to explain – there is no such thing as a 2nd release anymore – thinking from the past – not from a business perspective (no offense!).

    Check out MOS Note:742060.1. – it will tell you when 12.2 is planned to getting release – and add the usual time period for the first patch set on top. Then you’ll easily understand why you should change your plan.

    Watch out for other HUGE and IMPORTANT software vendors such as SAP: they’ll announce their support for 12.1 soon.


  2. Mike,

    Couple of comments on the posting, its being advocated to upgrade to, but extended support for 12101 ends Jul 22, 2015, which is earlier than 11204-Jan 31, 2018. 12102 is not released for our platform and then we have to wait for certification with EBS, isn’t it prudent to go to 11204 based on those facts.

    Also, I don’t understand your post regarding 11204 support time frame pertaining to "…extra cost till 31-JAN-2018..", can you please clarify.

    "For Oracle Database – the Terminal (final) Patch Set for Oracle Database 11.2 – Oracle will waive (no extra cost, no action required) the first year of Extended Support to every customer with a valid support contract. …..

    You can extend the Extended Support for Oracle Database by a maximum of two additional years until 31-JAN-2018 – *** but then at the usual extra cost***"

    ##### Data from the Support Site #####
    Product Release End of Ongoing Support
    Premier Support Error Correction Extended Support Sustaining Support
    Oracle Database Jan 31, 2015 Aug 27, 2015 Jan 31, 2018 Indefinite In approximately 10 months new Oracle Database patches will no longer be produced.

    Oracle Database Jan 31, 2015 Jan 31, 2018 Jan 31, 2018 Indefinite In approximately 39 months new Oracle Database patches will no longer be produced.

    Oracle Database Jul 31, 2018 Jul 22, 2015 Jul 31, 2021 Indefinite In approximately 9 months new Oracle Database patches will no longer be produced.


  3. Hi there,

    thanks for your comment.

    First of all I hope that I can post the download links for the missing platforms later this week 😉 No promise given – but … 🙂

    Regarding the extra cost thing:
    Extended Support is an extra cost offer. It will cost:
    year 1: 10% extra of your support fee
    year 2: 20% extra of your support fee
    year 3: 20% extra of your support fee

    In case of we’ll waive the first year – no action requirement, no payment, no extra cost for you (as long as you have a valid support contract which I assume silently).

    If you’d like to get more than this 1 year extended support then you’ll have to purchase it and pay the above mentioned extra (which I think are the current prices – I don’t check them on a regular basis so you may please check back with Oracle Support).

    Does this answer your questions?


  4. I’m putting together a plan for upgrading a number of 11g Standard Edition databases to 12c.

    According to MOS 742060.1, patching for ends in July 2015.

    According to MOS 1905806.1, is not yet available for Standard Edition, and no date has been published.

    This means Standard Edition will be supported for an unknown period of time of less than 9 months duration. Given the work involved in upgrading, it would seem better to stick with for now as it has a longer (and more predictable) shelf-life than

    Does this make sense, or am I missing something here?

  5. Hi Mike, attended the Oracle 12c upgrade event in Utrecht 30th of October. An interesting day!

    We would like to start upgrading to 12c soon. However, I just learned that Enterprise Manager OMS can not be installed with a 12c Repository database. The highest possible version for the repository database is

    It’s hard to convince my customer to upgrade their databases to 12c when Oracle’s own applications cannot be used with a 12c database.

    Oracle’s reply on the certification SR that I raised: "We have seen certain issues during internal testing while using 12c as Repository Database and are still in the process of certifying it". How long has 12c RDBMS been around yet? 😉


  6. Hi Gys,

    fully agree – we just investigate what is hindering 12c Repo support. There’s a note out there from august 27 just saying that it got revoked – but no update since then.

    As soon as I have news on that I’ll post it. Meanwhile EBS and other tools are supported on 12c as far as I know.


  7. Dan,

    regarding SE: I know that this is hard to understand. But you nailed it down right to the point. And I can’t give any news about SE as I haven’t heard anything yet.


  8. Hello Mike,
    I was listening your talk at DOAG. So I want to follow your hint and tried to download – and was very surprised that this is only EE (as already mentioned above, but unfortunately not very much commented). Did you mentioned this in your talk?
    So what to do for SE users? Still stay at
    Regards, Nikolaus

  9. Niklaus,

    thanks for your comment – I see your point and I tend to agree. As long as Oracle SE is not available I wouldn’t do the full testing now for if you are already on


  10. Hi Mike

    We are in a similar situation to Niklaus except we have 30 odd databases running standard edition and would like to upgrade to 12c if possible but still no sign of standard being available. There is nothing on MoS regarding possible release dates.

    The question came up in the Ask Tom Roundtable at the UKOUG yesterday, I was going to ask it myself but someone else beat me to it but nobody in the room could answer it.



  11. Tony,

    thanks for your comment. And actually I can just repeat what I have written above. If you are on right now I would be a bit patient and approach the switch to once it becomes available as SE. But again, I’m unable to name any dates. Just be a bit patient please.


  12. I Mike,
    I have the problem with SE too.
    Our softwares are certified for SE and EE.

    July-2015 ends SE and
    actually I haven’t news about SE in

    Our SE in ends extended free support in Jan-2016.

    So, what should we do?

    Again, SE is only in NOCDB configuration.
    According with:

    "The non-CDB architecture is deprecated in Oracle Database 12c, and may be desupported and unavailable in a release after Oracle Database 12c Release 2. Oracle recommends use of the CDB architecture."

    This means that Oracle SE will die with the next release?


  13. Massimo,

    first of all I fully understand the frustration about SE not available. But as written before I don’t know any further information about it. You can be 100% sure that internally the problem is well seen.

    Regarding the deprecation of the non-cdb architecture:
    (a) deprecation does not mean desupport!
    (b) right now stand alone is fully supported – there’s no desupport announcement about it
    Meaning, regardless of EE or SE you can still setup and operate databases as stand-alone deployments.

    This may change one day in the future but first of all it hasn’t been announced yet nor is stand-alone deployment yet desupported.

    Hope this helps – cheers

  14. What would you advise for those of us that have a number of applications where the vender does not offer support for 12c of any flavor nor has any plans to do so in the near future?

  15. I would tell them about the fact that SAP has already been certified Oracle for the simple reason that otherwise customers may see a lockout as will go out of Extended Support in Jan 2018 – but usually customers will at least for the first patchset on 12.2 – and this may be releases as late as at the same time roughly (this is no official date – I’m just guessing based on experience from the past).

    There’s no such thing as "the 2nd release" anymore …

    Thanks – and I hope this helps!

  16. Unfortunately not – but if you download the slide deck (Upgrade Migrate Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c) on the right side you may see some content – but of course not the fine print etc.


  17. ok so for SE clients, we can only go to, as is EE only at present (and no indication if it will ever hit other versions).

    and patching for ends july 2015. will be built for SE? or has pretty much been flagged in anticipation of 12.2, given is the terminal patchset for 12.1?

  18. Hi,

    can we use the jdbc drivers (ojdbc6.jar) from oracle after one year free extended support end date(31st Jan 2016)?


  19. As far as I know you should always use the newest drivers. But as long as there’s support for them you can use them.

    If you are still in doubt or need an official statement please check back with Oracle Support.


  20. Mark, will be released for SE – there should be an announcement pretty soon as far as I know.

    And stays under Premier Support until June 2018 with the option to extend it with Extended Support.

    I see the pain with patching ending in July 2015. But 12.2. is far away …


  21. Release:
    Patching Ends: 31-Dec-2020
    Notes and Exceptions: Extended Support fees waived until May 31, 2017. An ES service contract is required starting 1-Jun-2017.

  22. Release:
    Patching Ends: 31-Dec-2020
    Notes and Exceptions: Extended Support fees waived until end of December 2018. An ES service contract is required starting 1-Jan-2019.

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