OOW2014 – Presentation and Hands.On.Lab

Thanks to everybody for coming by yesterday evening to our talk about Upgrade, Migrate and Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c. It was really a pleasure to speak in front of so many interested people 🙂

If you’d like to download the slides please access them via the Slides Downloads Center to your right – or via this direct link: OOW 2014: Upgrade, Migrate, Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c

Or you may get the huge +500 slide deck covering all the different options and much more about Oracle Database 12c here: Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c

hands on lab - oow 2014 - upgrade

And thanks to everybody who did show up for the Hands-On-Lab in the Nikko Hotel’s Bay View room. Please be aware that you have to be at the room at least 10 minutes before lab starts. Otherwise the open seats will be given away by the door keepers. Not our idea, and we’ve just learned about it yesterday So please keep that in mind for the 3 remaining labs.

If you’d like to download the lab instructions get the via this link:

And I’ll promise I’ll post instructions on how to setup the lab by yourself as we are not allow


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5 thoughts on “OOW2014 – Presentation and Hands.On.Lab

  1. Hi Mike.

    I received an error trying to run the catupgrd.sql script on PDB3 (step 4 of the HOL Part 4).
    $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin
    [CDB2] oracle@localhost:/u01/app/oracle/product/
    $ $ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin/perl catctl.pl –c "PDB3" catupgrd.sql

    Argument list for [catctl.pl]
    SQL Process Count n = 0
    SQL PDB Process Count N = 0
    Input Directory d = 0
    Phase Logging Table t = 0
    Log Dir l = 0
    Script s = 0
    Serial Run S = 0
    Upgrade Mode active M = 0
    Start Phase p = 0
    End Phase P = 0
    Log Id i = 0
    Run in c = 0
    Do not run in C = 0
    Echo OFF e = 1
    No Post Upgrade x = 0
    Reverse Order r = 0
    Open Mode Normal o = 0
    Debug catcon.pm z = 0
    Debug catctl.pl Z = 0
    Display Phases y = 0
    Child Process I = 0
    Invalid command line syntax in the vicinity of ‘–c’ or ‘PDB3’. Exiting.

    The command only runs when I included the ‘-l’ option:
    $ $ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin/perl catctl.pl -c "PDB3" -l /home/oracle/upgrade catupgrd.sql


  2. Sorry for the inconvenience – could you please try quotation marks (") instead of (‘) around the -c option?

    HOL Doc says:
    $ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin/perl catctl.pl -c ‘PDB3’ catupgrd.sql

    Exchange it with:
    $ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin/perl catctl.pl -c "PDB3" catupgrd.sql


  3. Thanks for this hint – and very strange as the "-l" option is recommended but not mandatory.

    I’ll try it on my own asap.


  4. Maurilio,

    I copy/pasted all the steps from my HOL Instructions document.

    $ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin/perl catctl.pl -c ‘PDB3’ catupgrd.sql

    works fine for me in the part 4 of the HOL Lab.


    PDB Inclusion:[PDB3] Exclusion:[]

    Phases [0-73]
    Container Lists Inclusion:[PDB3] Exclusion:[]
    Serial Phase #: 0 Files: 1 Time: 13s PDB3
    Serial Phase #: 1 Files: 5 Time: 35s PDB3
    Restart Phase #: 2 Files: 1 Time: 0s PDB3
    Parallel Phase #: 3 Files: 18 Time: 13s PDB3
    Restart Phase #: 4 Files: 1 Time: 0s PDB3
    Serial Phase #: 5 Files: 5 Time: 16s PDB3
    Serial Phase #: 6 Files: 1 Time: 8s PDB3
    Serial Phase #: 7 Files: 4 Time: 6s PDB3


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