OOW 2014: Focus on Upgrades/Migrations

For our presentations and others around the topic of database upgrades and migrations please see our “Focus On …” listening – but there are also many others for different topics collected by the responsible Product Managers:

The whole set of “Focus On” documents that will
help you find sessions about any given topic?  For example, you could take
a look at

Focus on Database Upgrade


Focus on Database Utilities: Data Pump, SQL*Loader,
Transportable Tablespaces

I hope you will find these useful as you plan what is sure to be a very, VERY
busy week!


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2 thoughts on “OOW 2014: Focus on Upgrades/Migrations

  1. Hi!

    I were today talk about upgrade to 12c. It was very interesting and funny talk.
    Only one comment, with a talk how you talk you need to ask if there is an argentine in the room, because am i!!!, it was very funny.

    Best regards and the best to you, you are doing a great job and great talks!

  2. Diego,

    thanks a lot for your feedback 🙂
    I’ve just been to Buenos Aires in August right after the World Cup and had so many good discussion about the match. I think the best teams of the tournemanet met in the finals and it was one of the most thrilling matches I have seen for a long time 🙂 Glad that you’ve enjoyed my talk and maybe we’ll meet again at the OTN Tour in Buenos Aires in 2015 🙂


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