OOW 2014 – Upgrade Hands-On-Lab at NIKKO HOTEL

This year’s Oracle Open World will be a real challenge logistically for us. Non-privileged employees were assigned to airport hotels only. So Roy, Joe, Dean and I stay >16 miles (>25km) away from Moscone Center. And to make things even more complicated due to some reconstruction at the Moscone Center (I hope they’ll get rid of their 1990s audio equipment and such) our Hands On Labs for instance are at the NIKKO Hotel, not at the Marriott Marquee anymore.

These are the dates for our HOL about How to upgrade to Oracle Database 12c and plug into Oracle Multitenant:

  • Monday , Sep 29 – 11:45 AM in Hotel Nikko – Bay View (0/32)
  • Tuesday , Sep 30 – 5:15 PM in Hotel Nikko – Bay View (0/32)
  • Wednesday, Oct 01 – 4:15 PM in Hotel Nikko – Bay View (0/32)
  • Thursday , Oct 02 – 8:30 AM in Hotel Nikko – Bay View (0/32)

Follow this link to the OOW Session Agenda – ID of the Labs is [HOL9127] – and usually you’ll have to hurry as the 50 seats per lab sell out quickly.


Especially Thursday will be a tough call to be there at 8:30am in the morning. At least traffic on 101 won’t be that terrible at such a night time 😉


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