New version of the UPGRADE 12c SLIDE DECK available

Oh … it took a while … but we’ve tried to include a bit of the new Oracle Database stuff into the slides. And we had to refresh them to the new template which looks nice but is a bit strange to handle 😉

So please find the new revised slide deck about:
Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c

ready for download.

-Roy & Mike

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3 thoughts on “New version of the UPGRADE 12c SLIDE DECK available

  1. My name is Hine Rosulnik and I listened to your lecture ‘Upgrade, Migrate & consolidate to Oracle Database 12c’ in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
    Your lecture me has been very useful in the implementation of the upgrade of Oracle 12c!

    Would I be asking an additional opinion on the use of Oracle development tools!
    We are a banking institution and use Oracle 12c and Development oradje Oracle Forms and have 450 users.

    I have a task to analyze the replacement development tool Oracle Forms.
    Unknown to. We have some basic information on Oracle APEX and ADF
    For us, the business logic of the information system written in PL / SQL, and therefore the first decision of Oracle APEX.

    An independent audit analysis is the assessment submitted to Oracle APEX is not secure enough software for the Internet environment for the banking business.
    They were advised Oracle ADF.

    Among the employees in the Oracle development team no one has any special programming skills in programming language "Java"
    therefore we are now in a dilemma of what to do!

    Perhaps you could very well come any your reference example!


    Hine Rosulnik

  2. Hine,

    as much as I’d love to give you advice this is far beyond my scope. I can forward your email to the sales consulting director responsible for Slovenia and ask if he has somebody in his team being able to assist you with this decision.
    If you’d like to go forward this path please drop me an email (mike.dietrich at and I will forward it.


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