PSU1 and PSU2: Datapatch Issues coverd in MOS Note

You may have read a posting dis-recommending PSU1 and PSU2 for Oracle Multitenant especially in RAC/GI environments earlier this week. Actually following a lot of internal discussions I will post some advice and clarification later this week.

Now I have an useful update:
Datapatch Issues are covered within a separate MOS Note making it easier to keep track and find workarounds for known issues.
Please see MOS Note:1609718.1 Datapatch Known Issues


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2 thoughts on “PSU1 and PSU2: Datapatch Issues coverd in MOS Note

  1. Hello, Mike.
    The note is not displayed. Looks like the note is "non-public", or there is some permission issue.

    BTW, your webinar about Multitenant technology was great!


  2. Konstantin,

    thanks for this hint. Following a longer internal discussion it was decided to remove the MOS Note. I did change the blog post today.

    The issues found were in relation to the new "datapatch" utility in combination with Oracle Multitenant and Grid Infrastructure/RAC.

    Now the issues found got escalated and will be fixed with the following PSU.

    Sorry for any inconvenience 🙂

    Cheers, Mike

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