How to SET TIMING ON for parallel upgrades to 12c?

This hack is not necessary anymore since Oracle Database as TIMING ON is the standard as well as ECHO ON. Please don’t edit catupses.sql by yourself.

Have you asked yourself how to get timings in an Oracle Database 12c upgrade for all statements?

When you run the parallel upgrade via, the parallel upgrade Perl driving script in Oracle Database 12c, you may also want to get timings written in your logfile during execution. As does not offer an option yet the best way to achieve this is to edit the catupses.sql script in $ORACLE/rdbms/admin as this script will get called all time over and over again throughout all steps of theupgrade run.

Just add these lines marked in RED to catupses.sql and start your upgrade:

Rem =============================================
Rem Call Common session settings
Rem =============================================

Rem =============================================
Rem  Set Timing On during the Upgrade
Rem =============================================

Rem =============================================
Rem Turn off PL/SQL event used by APPS
Rem =============================================
ALTER SESSION SET EVENTS=’10933 trace name context off’


PS: This may become the default in a future patch set 😉


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2 thoughts on “How to SET TIMING ON for parallel upgrades to 12c?

  1. Mike,
    Thanks for the tip and excellent documents on upgrades. I want to ask you a question but couldn’t easily find where to ask. So I am posting here.

    I am reading your 519 page pdf file named "Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c".

    I am certainly going to read every line from this pdf and prepare my upgrade steps. My question is, you will certainly get lot of inputs from users and you may change or add content to this pdf. I really can’t check any changes you made to pdf by reading entire document.

    Is there any way you can help people like me to quickly read what is changed in future versions?

    May be you can also have a version number too in this document.

    Thank You

  2. Giridhar,

    once the new version of the slides will get uploaded (End of December) I will add a "change log" at the end as I have done this in the past for the 11g slide deck as well. That will make it easier for readers to see at a glance what has been changed since their last version.
    And the slide deck has always an "Last Updated" tag on the title slide (see at the bottom of the picture to the right).

    Cheers, Mike

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