OOW Shanghai – Slides for the Migrate+Consolidate Talk

What a huge venue! My talk Migrate and Consolidate onto Oracle Database
was scheduled today in the BLUE HALL. I did walk around before to
see where the room is located and how big it is. Actually “room” is
the wrong word. It is more like a concert hall. But usually the problem
with such big venues is: if you have just a small number of people
showing up you feel pretty alone on the stage. I was thinking of bringing the guy on top of this blog entry with me – but that wasn’t necessary 🙂

Blue Hall OOW Shanghai

Luckily many people
came by today. I did count approx 150. All very keen to see how you can
upgrade, migrate and consolidate onto Oracle Database 12c works. Please feel free to download the slides in Chinese from the link below:

Migrate and Consolidate onto Oracle Database 12c (Chinese Version)

If you would like to get the slides in English as well please take the huge slide deck:

Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c

It contains the same content and much more.

Thanks for visiting today – it was a pleasure for me. And thanks for the excellent discussions at the end!




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