Oracle Multitenant (Pluggable Database) White Paper

The feature we did introduce for a while now as Pluggable Database got named officially Oracle Multitenant – and if you’d like to read more about this feature the newly release White Paper may give you a good overview:


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2 thoughts on “Oracle Multitenant (Pluggable Database) White Paper

  1. Mike
    Very interesting paper and very well written. I do have a question on something that wasnt very clear. There are hints with common users but it is still now very clear. Question is about "ORACLE" add on schema’s. Not sure what is a good example in 12c – but I am referring to items like say a spatial or xdb. Are these common users. Are these installed in sysaux. are there PDB specific sysaux’s. Can theer be multiple spatial versions in a CDB. How does this reconcile with the libraies that are outside the database (at the OS level)
    Raj Pande

  2. Raj,

    thanks for your questions.

    First of all, all Oracle supplied users (CTXSYS, SYS, OLAPSYS, MDSYS) are common users. To my knowledge only APEX can solely exist in different incarnations within a PDB and the CDB. A PDB can have less options than the CDB but the CDB has to have all options.
    Regarding the options depending on libs … well, that’s a very good question I can’t answer at the moment.
    The CDB requires all-in – but if I unlink let’s say partitioning or Data Vault this will hit all PDBs as well. Actually this is still under discussion internally.
    I will update the blog as soon as I have a clear view on this.

    Thanks and kind regards

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