Oracle Database 12c is available on Windows!

Good things come to those who wait … and yes, Oracle Database 12c (Oracle is available for download from  OTN/eDelivery for MS Windows as well since last night 🙂

Windows versions being supported: 2008, 2008 R2, 7, 8


PS: Just on the side, there won’t be versions for 32bit OS’ available, neither on Windows, nor on Linux.

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9 thoughts on “Oracle Database 12c is available on Windows!

  1. What’s the hold up on Windows Server 2012 support? I’ve got customers that don’t understand why this is taking so long to even announce a plan and date. A statement of intent is great, but I think it is time for more details.


  2. Chris,
    I fully understand your position. But please understand as well that I am absolutely not in the position to tell the public any reliable release dates.
    And actually I don’t have details why it is not supported yet. I’ve just heard internally it will be supported soon but no dates or details.
    Sorry for the inconvenience – you could just either open an SR or trigger your Oracle sales or presales person – maybe they can find out more details.
    Thanks, Mike

  3. Hi

    I have 1 laptop that is 64 bit all my other machines are 32 bits. I wish to run a demo mini system of oracle. This would include a "Gateway" ICS DMZ NAT PC running Linux. Windows 2000 Adv Server 32b. Middle tier with Weblogic server so that It can run forms 11g (does this have to be windows?) And a linux 64b system running the database. All I have is this crude paln I could do with some hard facts about what will work and what will not. I wish someone from oracle would do a mini project where they built a mini system to demonstrate oracle and the toolset for some like me to follow. perhaps someone already has? So many questions like which java version which .Net which Visual Studio ?

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