Potential check for corruptions

Having a corruption somewhere in the database is one of the worst case scenarios I could ever imagine – especially if it “sleeps” somewhere in the data dictionary. Recently I did talk to a customer who encountered a failing upgrade due to a data dictionary corruption gotten introduced in an earlier release.

What can you do to check your database(s) prior to an upgrade or generally from time to time? Actually I know now two powerful possibilities:

  • hcheck.sql
    See MOS Note:136697.1
    This script will check for known problems in Oracle8i, Oracle9i, Oracle10g
    and Oracle 11g.
    You will need to create
    hOut Helper Package first – please see MOS Note:101468.1 to download the script hout.sql
  • RMAN validation:
    RMAN> backup check logical validate database;
    See MOS Note:836658.1 for further details – and you can run this
    with multiple parallel channels to speed up the run
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