Rules Manager and Expression Filter getting removed

I doubt that many people are using the Oracle features “Rules Manager” and “Expression Filter” as usually people handle these things (such as ensuring that a zip code or a car number plate has a certain format) within the application code and not inside the database. Oracle Beehive for instance uses that just on the side.

Anyway, just learned today that Rules Manager and Expression Filter components will get removed once our next database release most likely called Oracle Database 12c will get released. So before upgrading to Oracle Database 12c you can remove EXF and RUL components (SELECT COMP_ID FROM DBA_REGISTRY WHERE COMP_ID IN (‘EXF’,’RUL’); ).

You’d simply do that by executing the following script before upgrade:
SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/catnoexf.sql
This will clean up Rules Manager and Expression Filter components inside the database. You could run ?/rdbms/admin/catnorul.sql before but I believe catnoexf.sql will clean up everything already.

And you’ll find all this information plus guidelines for migration of existing content in MOS Note: 1233535.1 – Obsolescence Notice: Rules Manager and Expression Filter Features of Oracle Database

Further Information?

Please find a newer posting here:

Linking also to many other removal procedures and a consolidated slide set.


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One thought on “Rules Manager and Expression Filter getting removed

  1. Mike,

    I am sorry for a offtopic request but this is one of the available comment options:

    We have successfully upgraded our Oracle DB to 11gR2 this year but, months after the upgrade, we eventually find application servers using Oracle CLIENT 9i, 10g, etc.

    Provided that, I would like to suggest you a post with relevant information about WHY UPGRADING YOUR ORACLE CLIENT IS ALSO IMPORTANT.

    I believe that this technicall approach can be used to incentivate people responsible for applications to also upgrade the client.

    We had a huge problem with shared server sessions using an old 10.1 client against an Oracle 11gr2 database which was corrected by upgrading the client.

    Best regards,
    Everton Russo.

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