Where’s Gangnam?

When somebody did mention “PSY” during a dinner at OOW this year with customers and colleagues from Korea I was completely clueless. I even didn’t understand correctly who or what “PSY” is. I did forget about that until last week as a German online magazine did report on over 500 mio youtube hits for “Gangnam Style“. Well … I didn’t know that I’ve almost missed a global phenomenon. And now I’ve learned that the song is omnipresent in Korea (and not only here) – and Gangnam is a really nice (and expensive) quarter of Seoul 🙂 not that far away from my hotel.

And if you need some rest during your lunch break you may watch these youtube vids – but don’t blame me if you don’t get the song out of your head anymore

And NO – that’s not the type of music I’d usually listen to!!!

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One thought on “Where’s Gangnam?

  1. Hehehe! Had very much the same problem: I sooooo do not waste any time on utube links when they show up…
    Mind you: a friend runs a karate school, so I asked him this week if they did fight "gangnam style".
    Nearly got killed…

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