Ouch … again OCM

Another customer, another upgrade – and again from Oracle Database to Oracle Database And again an OCM error during upgrade which is not very obvious to relate to OCM once you see the errors during upgrade.

While monitoring the database during upgrade with tail -f on the alert.log we’ve spotted this one here:

ORA-604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 3
ORA-904: "XDB"."DBMS_CSX_INT"."GUIDTO32": invalid identifier
XDB SGA reset to NULL.

Looks like some issue with XDB. But actually it is related to OCM and it seems that something gets created in the wrong order. Currently DEV is working on that issue – and the good message: after the upgrade has been completed everything is VALID. But it’s one of those strange errors you might wonder about …

This issue has been filed under:
Bug 13710092: ORA-00904: “XDB”.”DBMS_CSX_INT”.”GUIDTO32″: DURING UPGRADE
and the bug is not public at the moment – but you could simply ignore that error.

– Mike

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