New Time Zone Patch DST V18 is available

Sorry for not updating the blog more often at the moment – but more updates will come soon as I play around with Oracle Restart and single instance databases in ASM with Oracle 11.2.

Just on the side there’s a new time zone patch to DST V18 available since May 2012. You can download it via PATCH download from MOS with the patch number: 13417321

What do you think? Will Lufthansa operate a faster jet the other night? Will the jet stream be more powerful? Or a better type of fuel? Or is it just the travel portal which hasn’t applied the correct time zone patches to catch DST change that night in the US whereas it happens two weeks later in Europe? Guess …

And please see the readme about how to apply the patch and our slides about why time zone patching may be important even in your environment 😉

RDBMS bug: Bug 13417321: DST 18 : HALF YEARLY DST PATCHES, MAY 2012
OJVM Bug 14112098 - dst changes for dstv18 (tzdata2012c) - need ojvm fix
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