The best Bar on the globe is … in Seoul/Korea

As you know already sometimes I write about things which really don’t have to do anything with a database upgrade. So if you are looking for tips and tricks and articles about that topic please stop reading now 🙂

Actually I’m not a lets-go-to-a-bar person. I enjoy good food and a fine dessert wine afterwards. But last week in Seoul/Korea Ryan, our local host, did ask us after a wonderful dinner at a Korean Barbecue place if we’d like to visit a bar. I was really tired as I flew into Seoul overnight from Sunday to Monday arriving Monday early morning, getting shower, breakfast – and then a full day of very good and productive customer meetings. But one thing Ryan mentioned catched my immediate attention: The owner of the bar collects records and has a huge tube amp stereo system – and you can ask him to play your favorite songs.

The bar is called “Peter, Paul and Mary” – honestly not my favorite style of music. And I even coulnd’t find a webpage or an address – only that little piece of information on Facebook.

But after stepping down the stairs to the cellar my eyes almost poped out of my head. This is the audio system:

Enourmus huge corner horn loudspeakers from Western Electric. Pretty old I’d suppose but delivering an incredible present dynamics into the room. And plenty of tube equipment from Jadis, NSA Labs and Shindo Laboratories Western Electric 300B Limited amps from Tokyo.

And the owner (I was so amazed I had simply forgotten to ask for his name) collects records since 40 years.

And we had many wishes that night. Actually when we did enter Peter, Paul and Mary he played an old Helloween song. That must have been destiny. A German entering a bar in Korea and the owner is playing an old song by one of Germany’s best heavy metal bands ever. And it went on with the Doors, Rainbow‘s Stargazer, Scorpions, later Deep Purple‘s Perfect Strangers, a bit of Santana, Carly Simon, Jimi Hendrix, David BowieRonnie James Dio‘s Holy Diver, Gary Moore, Peter Gabriel’s San Jacinto … and many many more great songs …

Of course we were the last guests leaving the place at 2am in the morning – and I’ve never ever had a better night in a bar before … I could have stayed days listening to so many records  …

Thanks Ryan, that was a phantastic night!


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