Upgrade Workshop in Sydney – Recap

Late, but hopefully not too late, a big THANK YOU to everybody who did attend the Upgrade and Migration Workshop in Sydney at the Cliftons past week. You were a really good crowd, thanks for all your questions, the great conversations in the breaks, thanks to the local marketing team for the excellent organization – and we’ll looking forward to see you next time again with all your databases then live on Oracle Database 11.2

To download the slides please find them in the Slides Download Center to your right – or use the direct link to download the workshop slide deck.

And I really don’t understand how you can go to daily work (or to a workshop) with such beaches nearby … I would immediatelly change my job profile 😉 Honestly, Sydney is really a great place. Australia and New Zealand generally are wonderful places and we’ve met so many great people in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Wellington, Sydney and during our travel in between. Just if there wouldn’t be over 20 hours pure flight time in between Germany and Down Under 😉

Hope to see you all again next time for 12c 😉


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