Obrigado :-)

Thanks a lot to everybody who did visit our workshops in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in the past days. And actually our “Thank You” or Obrigado! can’t express how Roy and me felt in the past days. I believe I’ve never felt so welcome – you all, customers, partners and Oracle folks were simply great. Thanks a lot for that. We’ve had a great time – and we hope you had some fun as well and enjoyed the hands-on lab as well.

Let us know if anything with your upgrades does not run as desired – or if all worked out well. And also if you’d like to try the “Turbo xTTS” technique. The note got published last night and I’ll write something about it in the upcoming weeks.

So we hope to see you again – maybe in 2014 during the World Cup 😉 I’ll push Murilo to setup another series of workshops by then 😉

And thanks a lot for all your comments and feedbacks – we really appreciate that!!


PS: Sorry for the typo in obrigado – and thanks to all who’d let me know 😉

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3 thoughts on “Obrigado :-)

  1. Thanks a lot Dietrich!

    I met with a representative of Oracle in Brazil and told him how his presentation was good. It was better than some training that takes five days. Your presentation was very valuable. Let me know when you come back to Brazil! Give a hug on Roy for me.

    God bless you!

    Marcos Fontana

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