Upgrade Workshops in Sao Paulo and Rio

Thanks to everybody who did attend today at our Upgrade and Migration Workshop in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. We hope that you’d enjoy the day and the hands-on exercise 🙂

And please feel free to download the most recent version of the slides with many hidden slides included we couldn’t show at the workshop today.


5 thoughts on “Upgrade Workshops in Sao Paulo and Rio

  1. Hi, Mike
    I was on Workshop in Sao Paulo – Brazil, i asked you about intermediate machine…..
    And i will test xTTS here o my environment with COMPRESS backup on RMAN… i will let you know about the results.

    The workshop was very nice…


  2. Hi Mike,
    Congratulations for the excellent Workshop. It was a great help to me and my team. Were placed for you and Roy great tips and best practices that we use.
    Thank you for the opportunity to attend this workshop.

    Leonardo Nascimento

  3. Roy and Mike,
    Thanks for the workshop and the new version slides. It is more complete and will greatly help our migration project.
    Adjane Dantas

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