Up in the Air – it’s always fun, isn’t it?

Flying is always great fun, isn’t it? Lufthansa recently has decreased the distance between two rows in German and European flights to 77cm by installing new seats. The real downside: the backrest is so thin that you feel the knees of the person sitting behind you in your back. So “backrest” has gotten a fully new meaning as the knees of somebody else “rest” perfectly well on your “back”.

But today I had a chat with Roy. He’s on his way to Beverly Hills for an Upgrade Workshop. And if you’ll miss him tomorrow he might still sit in the Lounge at JFK airport 😉

I’m just quoting Roy’s email – he started his journey from Boston Logan this morning:

Our intrepid adventurer has made it to JFK airport in New York City!
Just to recap:

  • The 9:45 flight through Atlanta was delayed (probably due to
    mechanical issues, I didn’t check) until 14:00, making it
    impossible to make my connection. So, I rebooked on…
  • The 10:45 flight through Memphis. But, this flight was delayed
    because the inbound aircraft from New York was going to be 35
    minutes late. Given that I had a 35-minute layover, I rebooked
  • The 11:30 flight through Minneapolis! The inbound equipment
    for this flight arrived about 30 minutes late to Boston, which
    was not a problem because I had a 3-hour layover. Unfortunately,
    it turned out that they had to change 2 tires on the plane, and
    they had to get those tires from “another station” (which I
    assume means another airport or maintenance facility), resulting
    in a 6-hour delay. With the 12:40 Detroit flight sold out and
    the 14:25 Minneapolis flight similarly full, I rebooked onto…
  • The 12:50 flight through JFK! This would arrive at JFK at
    14:24, connecting to the 15:00 flight to LAX. That seems tight,
    but I could already see that the 15:00 flight to LAX was delayed
    until 16:50. Two wrongs don’t make a right, they say? They’ve
    never flown Delta!!!

So now I’m in the JFK airport club.
Will I meet with further delays?
If so, for what reason — Congressional action on the debt ceiling?
Sun Spots? Invaders from outer space? Tune in tomorrow for the next

As Dave Barry would say, “I am not making this up.”

Airline travel is always fun, isn’t it 🙂

Have a safe trip, Roy!!!


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