Database Registry: Component Dependencies

Recently I had to dig a bit into the component dependency topic as I was working with an Oracle Database customer planning to upgrade to Oracle Database with a limited downtime window. To achieve the given downtime window we planned to remove some unused components from the database.

Database Component Dependencies
Example: Component Dependencies in Oracle Database 11.1

As you know already the time it’ll take to upgrade an Oracle database is mainly dependent on the number of installed components. If you’ll query DBA_REGISTRY (or the underlying REGISTRY$) you’ll spot all the installed (and usually configured) database components. And the more of these components are installed the longer the upgrade usually will take.

Please don’t get me wrong here: This is NOT a recommendation to deinstall any components. Tomorrow or the day after somebody wishes to use some component functionality – and not nice if you have deinstalled it.

But first of all it might be a good idea to know a little bit about component dependecies – and on the other hand this might help you in one or another situations to fix INVALID components.
And please be advised: The presentation I’m refering to is not a official support note. And as it is the first release of this presentation I don’t guarantee that every mentioned workaround is the best available – or will work in any environment. Please check also the referenced notes in case you’d like to “tweak” one or the other component.

You might download the presentation either via the DOWNLOAD SLIDES section in the right column of this blog (please scroll down a bit) or via this direct link here.

Database Component Dependencies Oracle 11.1
Example: Component Dependencies in Oracle Database 11.1 displayed a different way

And as always I’m happy to get your feedback 🙂

Thx – Mike

P.S. Unfortunately the graphs can’t be shown as animated slides in the PDF version – sorry for that, I know that the graph slides are a bit complicated …

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