Blogs got migrated

Dear Readers,

as you can see the blogs from and the former SUN blogs got migrated last weekend. There was a content freeze the whole week before. And as you might already have found the design has changed a bit. But with the design change everything I did customize on the blog’s right column to download slides, access workshops dates or links to some other useful blogs has been erased completely. Even the “About” section hasn’t been migrated (which was a default template). I’d recommend that YOUR migration strategy is a bit more careful in your environments … actually I’m pretty sure that your strategy will be more careful as your users won’t be amused by such a result.

Anyway, for those who’d like to download the slides of our workshops:
and please put in the keyword in the only empty field on this page tagged with the German word Schluesselwort: upgrade112

Please allow me a bit of time to make your next visit more pleasent 😉

Thanks, Mike

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